Understanding ORIHCHI

Understanding ORIHCHI

The organization of Igbo Hebrew Cultural Heritage International (ORIHCHI) welcomes our esteemed members and guest.

ORIHCHI is a transnational, socio cultural and developmental organization that uses the merits of good culture, spirituality and God given heritage as evidenced among Hebrews and Israelites to drive, promote development across Igboland.

We function as a non-governmental organization to promote programs of socio-cultural and developmental nature. Programs are designed to awaken the need for spirituality, hard work, collaboration, peace among Igbo Hebrews and their friends around the world.

Mission & Purpose

To deploy the merits of culture, spirituality and God-given heritage in driving development across Igboland.

This is done using advocacy, networking, simplified business and investment platforms, business ownership by teams and crowd funding.

ORIHCHI Programs

ORIHCHI is championing the following listed programs below through
sensitization, awareness, networking and campaigns on membership. Some are non-profit
while few are profit making. Implementation or operationalization of the profit making programs of ORIHCHI are managed by different legal entities.

Some of these programs are