Who We Are

ORIHCHI is an acronym for “Organization of Igbo Hebrew Cultural Heritage International” - a non-governmental, multi-service membership organization that cares deeply about community development and the people who live in them.

We are dedicated to building prosperous communities using agriculture as a springboard for sustainable development.

The idea behind ORIHCHI activities is to inspire Igbos all over the world to connect with their heritage and homeland and empower them to build a better society in which everyone has enough to thrive and achieve their full potential.

AS a dedicated community that cares about transforming the people, ORIHCHI offers its members exclusive access to a variety of services and benefits -- all of which are designed to build capacity, provide training and expand economic opportunities within and outside the local economy.

Our programs are designed to ensure everyone that joins our vision has complete access to the proper information as well as resources and trainings required to succeed.

What We Do

Agriculture is the cornerstone of ORIHCHI Community and Economic Development Strategy. The model is taken from the Israeli Kibbutz/Mussaf system. In collaboration with other credible platforms, we are creating the needed opportunities for sustainable community economic development in Igboland and beyond.


The Executive Arm of ORIHCHI Community and Economic Development Programs is Maphteach Shel David international Ltd, headed by Rabbi Charles Ogugua (Leader and International Coordinator of the Organization of Igbo Hebrew Cultural Heritage international)

Rabbi Ogugua is well versed with the principles and concepts of community and economic development from the grassroots up; having spearheaded Governor Jeb Bush grassroots program called Front Porch Initiative. The program which proved to be very successful was implemented in the State of Florida in the United States of America.


Our strategic partners in this effort comprise Maphteach Shel David International Ltd, Green 2000 Agricultural Equipments & Know How Ltd. Israel, Anat Perl Turnkey Rural Development Project Ltd. Israel, Galilee International Management Institute Israel, The Light Ambassadors Network, and several other respected religious, socio-cultural, human interest and non-governmental organizations with respected platforms in Nigeria.


Interested in becoming a member, but you’re not sure with something or simply have a question to ask? You can join us on our weekly Round Table Meetings - every Wednesday by 10am prompt. Please contact corporate communications for details.