Using Decentralized Cooperative Societies at the Community level in Creating Wealth and Driving Development of Individuals in Igbo Rural communities

Our Story

Grassroots Organizing for Economic Development Initiative (GOFEDI) is a Social, Cultural and Community Development Initiative anchored at the Town, Village and Umunna Level in Igboland; aimed at harnessing the collective will and resources of the people towards individual and community development.

The Idea was first considered during the World Igbo Congress which took place at Boston Massachusetts USA September 2006, where the role of the Diaspora in Economic Development for Igboland was discussed. Leading the discussion was a Jewish Rabbi Sokule who suggested a template for such a community development using Agriculture and Rural development projects.


GOFEDI as a direct program of ORIHCHI focuses on using decentralized cooperative Societies at the community level in creating wealth and driving development of individuals in Igbo Rural communities